The outward appearance of our watches can vary depending on the choice of several important components. We present each watch in a combination of components we believe suits it best but we give you the freedom to choose and mix the components the way you want. For this purpose, we created an on-line configurator where you can try various combinations of a number of components.

leve two


On this level, we offer you alterations of ready-made parts using a wide range of decorative techniques and combinations thereof. The options are many and the result can be a highly personalised, unique Bohematic watch.

The individual parts of your watch can be personalised using the following techniques:

case, case back, crown, strap clasp

etching, engraving (superficial or deep), hand engraving, decorating with ceramic composites, application of luminescent paint, cutting, blasting, polishing


printing of graphic designs


painting in gloss or matt lacquers in your choice of colour, cutting, polishing, blasting, metal plating, application of luminescent paint


printing of graphic designs, painting in gloss or matt lacquers in your choice of colour, metal plating, cutting, blasting, polishing, application of luminescent paint


etching, engraving, hand engraving, decoration with colourful ceramic composites and resins, metal plating, cutting, blasting, polishing

date wheel

printing of graphic designs, painting in gloss or matt lacquers in your choice of colour, metal plating


your choice of colour and stitching depending on what the material of your choice allows (leather, rubber, fabric)



On this level, we will personalise your watch by making a custom part exclusively for you. We will try our best to make it an enjoyable collaboration process involving you and our designers. The range of options is very wide and the list below is for general guidance only…

your initials, a logo, an ornament or a 2D miniature of an object on the second hand

setting of gemstones or other objects into the crown

alteration of the hub of the seconds hand

alteration of the perforation pattern on the dial (Bohematic Minor)

custom-designed strap

level four & five


In addition to all the previous options we can make the case and/or other parts of your watch of precious metals or other exceptional materials, technology permitting. We can also set the case and other components of it with stones or decorate it using various goldsmith techniques. The resulting timepiece will not only be highly personalised but it will carry the added value of the materials used.


On this highest level of personalisation, we can offer you a watch which will be designed and made for you from start to finish. In collaboration with our watchmakers and designers, you will experience and, hopefully, enjoy being part of the whole creative process. The only limiting factors are technical possibilities and imagination.